SquirrelFish Extreme – Quick Benchmarks

The recent javascript vm wars harken back to the video card wars of the early 2000’s where 3dfx, ATI, and NVIDIA where trading blows. Instead of we have Google, WebKit, and Mozilla trading blows by releasing a faster and faster vm at what seems like a weekly rate.

Yesterday WebKit’s latest salvo is SquirrelFish Extreme. After chuckling a bit at the name, I decided to run it through the same benchmarks as I ran Chrome through.


  • Dromaeo – 7067.20ms (this is what used to be v2.dromaeo.com
  • SunSpider – 1562.0ms
  • V8 Benchmark – 720

If you take a look at the previous results you’ll notice that the new SquirrelFish Extreme (SFX) preforms significantly better than Chrome or FF in their own benchmark, SunSpider. It comes within 363 points in the V8 Benchmark tests. Also it holds relatively steady in the dom head tests for Dromaeo.

All and all, SFX isn’t hardly ready for prime time and it appears that the WebKit team is making significant progress.