Grocery Stores Should Email Receipts

I was at the Safeway the other day, purchased 10 some odd items, and out came this long paper receipt. My girlfriend remarked, “What a waste of paper!” (Image above technically not my receipt, I threw it away right when I got home.)

That got me thinking, why can’t Safeway just email me the receipt? After all they already have a unique identifier in the form of my frequent buyer card. It would be as simple as asking me for my email address and tying the two together. (Bonus, they get an email address to spam me later.)

This would safe a ton of receipt paper, broken receipt printers, time spent by cashiers refilling receipt paper, etc. If the customer still wants a paper receipt they could simply ask.

A quick Google search doesn’t reveal any information on any grocery stores emailing receipts. Is there something obvious I’m missing that doesn’t make this possible? It can’t be against the law not to give you a paper receipt. Apple does it. Square does it.