Best Argument Against Government AppStore Intervention

The FCC is probing Apple, AT&T, and Google over the whole Google voice fiasco. Although I wish Apple would open up it’s platform, I definitely don’t think the government should get involved. Also is any precedence set for the government intervention? No, I don’t believe so. Everybody is comparing Apple and the iPhone to Microsoft and Windows. The argument is that the government got involved there so why shouldn’t they intervene and stop Apple?

The best counter I’ve heard to this was discussed three weeks ago on the Engadget podcast (start listening at 23:05). Instead of thinking of Microsoft and Windows, think of Nintendo and the Wii (or Sony/PS3, Microsoft/XBox).

Think about it. Nintendo controls what’s available for sale on it’s console system. They also have an AppStore where they disallow content (e.g. they would never allow an emulator that enables you to play all NES games). They censor games, take a cut of sales, and they have full control of the eco-system. Yet, there’s no government intervention asking Nintendo to open up their platform. We purchase these console fully knowing that they will never be open.

At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, sadly Apple is just a victim of their own success.