HTML5, Video, and Performance

YouTube announced an HTML5 version of the YouTube service a couple days ago. Now Vimeo is joining in and announced their new HTML5 player. This is great news for anybody that has an older computer, a slower netbook, or (like me) an older Mac Mini under your TV.

Watching an older flash video on the older YouTube, my CPU utilization from Safari and Flash is between 100 – 150% usage:

Watching the same video on YouTube HTML5 Beta, my CPU usage hovers around 20-25%:

Not a month into the new year and already one of my 2010 predictions is rolling along.

2 responses to “HTML5, Video, and Performance”

  1. Shiv Kumar says:


    I’m afraid I shre your enthusiasm nor your CPU utilization results.

    Of course each Flash video player could use more or less CPU as per their design. Of course there could be many reasons for why the CPU utilization is more or less.

    At ExposureRoom we’ve done extensive testing (where comparisions are apples ot apples) and our results are VERY different and so are the responses from our members.

    Flash versus Html 5 Video versus Windows Media/Quick Time

  2. Wayne says:

    @Shiv, it looks you’re looking for the best possible performance for 720p video in the browser.

    There’s no denying the results of the simple test I did, Flash on YouTube results in much higher CPU usage than it’s HTML5 brother.

    Of course all this may change in 10.1.