New Google Chrome OS

Google just announced that they will be releasing an OS based around Chrome. An amazing move for Google as this gets them instantly on a the radar of every netbook manufacturer out there.

Microsoft’s licensing fees for Windows are generally $40+ per copy. Manufacturers are barely eeking out a profit in the sub $300 price range and having to pay per copy of Windows kills that margin. There is already a ton of competition in this space from Moblin to Jolicloud to whatever is going to be on the CrunchPad.

At first glance, from a product perspective, I wonder why Google is not using Android? There is already an SDK out there, Android is already open source, and Android already has an app marketplace. Bifurcating their “OS” strategy seems like a bad move on the surface.


5 responses to “New Google Chrome OS”

  1. detoxdiet says:

    Chrome OS would be very competitive on Microsoft operating systems. I was thinking that one day, Google would launch an Operating system that would complete with Windows XP or Vista. Google and Microsoft would compete head to head now that Microsft launched its Bing search engine.

  2. Jenny Lee says:

    Chrome OS is based on Linux and is only available for Netbooks. I wonder if Google would make an OS that would compete with Windows XP or Windows 7.

  3. with the release of Google Chrome and Microsoft Bing search engine, one would expect that there would be a very stiff competition between Google and Microsoft.

  4. Acnelady says:

    Chrome OS is just based on Linux and it is not really a “real” proprietary operating system from Google. i wonder if Google would also compete with MS Windows in the future.

  5. Janice says:

    Chrome OS is sort of a very basic operating system based on Linux. i wish that google make an operating system just like Windows XP that would compete with Microsoft