2009 Predictions

Last year I was 50% accurate, let’s try for better this year. 🙂

  • Twitter will not be acquired. They’ll have their first revenue stream keeping them independent for a bit longer.
  • Digg will not be acquired. There’s still a ton of crazy things they can do to become the center of news. I just hope they figure out how to get rid of the nerd factor. Just look at this list, it’s not exactly the things your mom would read.
  • Apple will open up iTunes infrastructure to developers to start accepting micro-payments. The biggest hurdle for mobile (in the US more than others) is how do you get users to pay you without help from the carriers. If Apple opens this up the industry will take a huge leap in the right direction.
  • Android phones sales will not exceed iPhones, maybe in 2010. Apple still has too much momentum and good Android phones (read: good hardware) still haven’t launched.
  • Facebook connect will become more ubiquitous than OpenID as a way to login to websites. I’m guessing here but there are way more Facebook users and OpenID users. I, for one, won’t be using it but then again I’m more paranoid about my online privacy than others.
  • IE6 marketshare will fall under 10% by years end. Millions of web devs will implode as they are overcome with joy.

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