TechCrunch 40 Leaked

Paul Boutin claims to have seen the TechCrunch 40 list. Taking place Sept 17-18 in SF, the TechCrunch 40 is supposed to showcase 40 up and coming startups.
Here’s the list, with a small note about what they do…

  • Clickable – provides a control panel to easily manager ad networks, Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MS AdCenter.
  • Flock – They’re still alive? Social browser that integrates blogging, flickr, some other fluff.
  • Ceedo – Software that allows you to bring your software with you with say on a thumbdrive.
  • Cake Financial – page is behind a login now, but from Google Cache…. Cake Financial lets you check out the actual portfolios, watchlists and real-time trades of everyone from proven top investors to your trusted family and friends. Plus you can see how you’re doing across all of your brokerage accounts and how you stack up against others.
  • DocStoc – a free online document exchange database and social networking site that allows users to store, search, and share virtually any type of document (word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, illustrator, etc…). Looks similar to already successful
  • CastTV – video search, I don’t know what kind of tech they have but unless technology that scans videos and translates the objects and audio into searchable meta data then I don’t know how successful they’ll be. (The folks at Rexee are working on this type of tech.)
  • Cubic Telecom – looks like another voip company? Google Cache
  • CrowdSpirit – interesting idea, using the wisdom of crowds, they want to create a consumer product based on ideas the community selects. Members can invest in the product, submit ideas for specs/features, and share in the revenue. Kind of like RnD by committee. If you see all the ideas that people have about what the iPhone should do you’ll understand why I’m highly skeptical.
  • Cognitive Code – Cross platform product that can understand human conversations. Their website provides some cryptic language about what they do. Someone get these guys a VP of Marketing.
  • Mint – Quicken/MS Money for the web with much much more. I’m in the beta, but I can’t blog about it…
  • MusicShake – a Korean company that provides a downloadable product, that looks like it organizes your music plus some social aspects. English About Page
  • Ponoko – Have an idea? Ponoko will turn it into a product. Unclear as to what kind of products though (websites? food? electronics?)
  • PowerSet – natural language search, supposed Google killer. They can even understand Miss South Carolina‘s rant about US Americans and the Iraqs.
  • PubMatic – advertising space, optimize your earnings from AdSense, Y! Pub Network, etc…
  • Teach the People – Social Network for learning… members can make a public space to share knowledge and then put up a separate private one and start charging.
  • 8020 Publishing – takes a lot of online content and puts in print mag format.
  • Faroo – P2P search engine, each searcher also gets a crawler, indexer, ranking engine on their machine to contribute back to the search engine. Why do they think this is a good idea? Their reasoning on the front page says that search engines require 450,000 servers and 2 billion dollars. Consumers DO NOT care about that, they just want good search results. Unless the results beat another search engine nobody will use it.
  • GotStatus – no info, but they’ll be live tomorrow at the conference.
  • FlowPlay – social casual gamer site aimed at teens.
  • LoudTalks – no info
  • Kerpoof – from hereKerpoof is a new Boulder company that recently launched a neat new product that lets kids create, color, print, and share within a browser, and it’s very cool.
  • MetaPlace – no info
  • mEgo – no info
  • Orgoo – meebo + all your emails + sms
  • StoryBlender – Collaborative video production, half their website is in korean, half in english.
  • Spottt – free link exchanging, ahh bringing back the days of when every website had a link exchange page.
  • TruTap – something in the mobile space, no info
  • Tripit – share, search, and find trip planning info from plane tickets, hotel, itinerary, etc
  • Viewdle – video search, see CastTV above.
  • Zivity – adult/erotic social network
  • Wixi – store all your media in one place, and play it back where ever. Unclear if you need to download software to upload the data. To play your files they have a universal flash player.
  • Xobni – Taking email back, I don’t get it. They will launch a facebook app that allows you to email people instead of sending a message. This can’t be the whole product can it?
  • ZocDoc – Tagline is Dentist and Doctor Appointments instantly.
  • eXtreme Reality
  • WC
  • AppYou
  • WooMe
  • Yap

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