I Met My Hero Because of Twinkle

Last Friday, at TC’s Mobile Wars, a couple AdMobsters and I were in attendance. Somewhere between the angry audience spectrum guy and Arrington looking up from his iPhone, my co-worker Josh was Twinkling around the room. He apparently struck up a conversation with a fellow audience member, Laura and they decided to meet up with each other.

All this is unbeknownst to me but soon after, while I was waiting in line for the August Capital after-party, Josh comes up and tells me that he met some guy named Joe Hewitt and that I might know him. Joe Hewitt? The Joe Hewitt? Mr. Firebug?

Josh offered to introduce us and, like a giddy school girl, I said, “HELL YES!” So we did. Nice guy that Joe is. We chatted about some iPhone stuff, firebug, webkit animations for a bit. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to ask him about Parakey and what Facebook ended up doing with it.

Maybe next time…