V8, TraceMonkey, SquirrelFish, IE8 BenchMarks

After reading about the new JavaScript VM in Google Chrome (called V8) I was wondering how it would stack up against the new JS engines from Mozilla (TraceMonkey) and WebKit (SquirrelFish). I ran 3 tests across all the browsers, including IE8, and here are the results.


  • Chrome [Build 1583 –]
  • FireFox 3.1 Nightly [1.9.1b1pre/200809020331]
    w/ javascript.options.jit.* set to true except in the SunSpider tests, where jit.content was set to false because it crashes.
  • WebKit Nightly [r36012]
  • Internet Explorer 8 [IE8 v8.0.6001.18241]
    I doubt numbers are accurate, asked me once for Chrome tests if I wanted to stop the unresponsive script, about 50x for Dromaeo
  • Windows XP SP3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+, 2GB RAM
  • Restart each browser after every test
  • SunSpider, V8 BenchMark, Dromaeo

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