Pandora Now Dead To Me, Simplify Media Full of Win

All the recent rumors circulating of Pandora’s demise, I started worry that my favorite iPhone app would soon be deactivated. Today, I do not care.

Why? Because I downloaded and set up SimplifyMedia. Now I can stream home iTunes library from anywhere! EDGE, 3G, WiFi, in my car, at the office, waiting in line… anywhere. My decision to save a $100 by going with the 8gb is going rather well. 🙂

Some tips for those with large iTunes libraries. Be patient and wait to Simplify to index all your music on your “server”. After that’s complete open up SimplifyMedia on your iPhone and keep it open. I was having trouble seeing all my songs on my iPhone but after I left the app open for 5 mins I was able to see my entire library.

16GB iPhones are Useless and How Sirius Can Save Itself

I finally converted to an iPhone (even lack of a physical keyboard, cut and paste, easy mass delete, mms .. but that’s another topic). I went for the 8GB because I don’t watch video and like the fact that less storage means I’m forced to be picky on what music I travel with.

However, I still think 8GB is too much thanks to Pandora. This morning I drove to work with my iPhone plugged into my car adapter listening to Pandora all the way. In fact a co-worker of mine said he has yet to listen to his MP3s on his iPhone, instead opting for the unpredictability of Pandora. Genius. Looking at the stats and such I’m not alone.

What does this have to do with Sirius and satellite radio? Well the connection is not hard, Sirius should stop R&D efforts on radios/handhelds and run Sirius over next gen cell phones. Making streaming equipment is far less cheaper than making car stereos and investing in satellites.