Dissecting Safari 4’s Welcome Screen

If you’ve downloaded Safari 4 Beta then you’ve seen a very cool welcome screen. If you haven’t seen it click the video above (or if you’re running Safari 4 you can view it again here). I was curious as to how this page was put together so I did some dissecting…

HTML 5 – Cleverly, Apple decided to use HTML5 and the <audio> and <video> tags for the sound effects and part of the animation. The only part that is a full blown .mov is the ending compass sequence. Here is the .mov.

CSS Animation – The first 2 animations, the Apple logo (plus lens flare) and the Welcome to Safari 4 are achieved by a combination of CSS animations (stylesheet) and a series of images.

The Welcome to Safari 4, is the simplest of the 2. It uses this image:
… and this scaling animation rule:

@-webkit-keyframes header {
	from {
		opacity: 0;
		-webkit-transform: scale(2.6);
		-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;
	20% {
		opacity: 1;
		-webkit-transform: scale(1);
		-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;
	77% {
		opacity: 1;
		-webkit-transform: scale(0.9);
		-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;
	to {
		opacity: 0;
		-webkit-transform: scale(0.1);
		-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;

The Apple logo animation is bit more tricky and is achieved with these four images:
apple_icon apple_flare apple_spots apple_flare_icon
… plus 4 different css animation rules that are similar to the rule above but each image’s opacity is changed from 0 to 1 at the appropriate time.

Works on an iPhone – What’s more impressive is that this page more or less works on an iPhone! The .mov and audio do not play, but everything animations properly. I removed the javascript that disables the page for non-Safari 4 browsers and put it here http://waynepan.com/s/safari4.

Bonus! – At the end of all the animation, the page redirects you to topsites://, which of course takes you to Top Sites.

The Safari Welcome screen is a peak into the future. It shows us what’s possible when you get to throw all backwards compatibility concerns out the window… (no pun intended.)

iPhone CSS Animations Thoughts and Issues

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the iPhone lately and I’ve been holding back on blogging about my experiences because I’m unclear as to the damn NDA stipulations. NDA be damn, here’s a first in a series of posts!

If you aren’t familiar with the new animation framework that’s built into Mobile Safari you can read about the closest thing on WebKit, CSS transitions. Here is an example of a CSS transition:

<div style="-webkit-transition: opacity 2s ease-in"
This div will do a fade when clicked only Safari 3.1 or on the iPhone!
This div will do a fade when clicked Safari 3.1 or on the iPhone

Essentially you tie a timing function and duration when a css property is changed. CSS animations allow for more complex rule transitions. For example, if you want to have a card flipping effect show in this video, you will need to use CSS animations.