Apple Actually Fixes A Bug, How About Another?

Earlier this year, when I was developing the AdMob iPhone Ad Units, I ran into a curious bug involving iFrames and CSS Transforms. I didn’t think anything of the bug at the time other than it just seemed wrong. We abandoned some of our ideas because of this bug so I filed it away and moved on.

Fast forward a few months to the iPhoneDevCamp where I met John Resig for the first time. We chatted a bit about the iPhone and mentioned off hand about the bug I ran across. He, excitedly, wanted to see the bug in action and I whipped up a small demo page and showed him. Later on that day he caught up with me and mentioned that he discovered that it was far more severe than he had originally thought and that he filed a bug against Apple.

That bug has now been fixed in iPhone 2.2 and Resig has a full write up here. (I don’t think Apple would’ve fixed this bug if I had been the one to report it so I’m happy that Resig was able to bring it to their attention.)

There was another bug I ran into regarding iFrames and touch events. Curiously enough, touchevents do not register properly in iFrames. This first test [] demonstrates that you first must touch the parent document before touching the iFrame for the iFrame to register your touch event. The second test [] shows that touch events only register in an iFrame for the top ~100px of the entire page. The problem is best illustrated by visiting those links on your iPhone.

These bugs are not security showstoppers, like the click-jacking bug, but they do prevent web app developers from doing cool things in iFrames. We were originally going to use touch start, change, and end events to cycle through ads or give the user the ability to hide them. Ultimately, it was not possible because the iFrame was not receiving the proper events.

So far these have not been fixed in iPhone 2.2 and I still have bug into Apple for this (radar id: 6089245).


2 responses to “Apple Actually Fixes A Bug, How About Another?”

  1. Just came across this post after losing a few hours tracking these iframe touch bugs down. It looks like this has been fixed in iOS4, but it’s still broken on the iPad. Have you heard anything from Apple?

  2. Wayne says:

    As far as Apple is concerned, the bug is closed since it’s fixed in iOS4. The next iPad upgrade will be based off iOS4 so I don’t believe they’re going to back port this fix to 3.2.

    That’s unfortunate since iFrames in web apps are far more important on iPad.