Apple (AAPL) Bargain at $90

I just shifted half my portfolio into Apple (AAPL). I think it’s a bargain at this price, why? Simple…

It was $90 pre-iPhone.

That’s right, AAPL was hovering around $80 before MacWorld 2007, where the iPhone was announced. What’s happened since then? Apple has launched 2 versions of the iPhone in 50+ countries and essentially created an entirely new business for themselves with the AppStore.

They’ve also hit a record high in PC market share (~8%) and that will only continue to grow as the iPhone’s halo effect continues.

We’ll see how much of a fool I look like in a year…


One response to “Apple (AAPL) Bargain at $90”

  1. Terrance says:

    Good luck with that. Let’s see what Job’s is going to release in January. Maybe a revised Macbook? Historically, the stock goes down after MacWorld. Somehow, it skyrockets up to Summer.