5 Things iPhone is Lacking vs Blackberry Pearl

Besides the obvious physical keyboard and cut and paste, here’s a list of annoyances…

  1. Easy Email Mass Delete – with my Pearl it was easy as [shift+scroll] [delete]. With my iPhone I have to tap each email… if I have 50 emails in a row I want to delete tap tap tap tap….
  2. Mark all Emails Read – not possible on the iPhone
  3. Blinky Light Notice – It was nice just glance at my Pearl and see that there was a new email or txt. On the iPhone you have to actually unlock the phone and hit the home key (if you’re not already there) to see how many emails you have. They should really put an indicator on the top bar.
  4. One Touch Bluetooth on/off – Being able to turn on/off bluetooth from the home screen of the Pearl was handy when I wanted to save battery. I don’t use a headset much so I usually keep bluetooth off. On the iPhone it’s at least 4 ‘clicks’ away to toggle bluetooth. (Yes, turning off bluetooth does save battery.)
  5. Scroll to the end/home – one key on the Pearl to get to the top of my email list, web page, email, etc… Not possible (except scrolling to the top in Mobile Safari) on the iPhone.

3 responses to “5 Things iPhone is Lacking vs Blackberry Pearl”

  1. brandon sanders says:

    whoever wrote this about the iphone vs the pearl, is probably a 350 pound overweight lazy person. Look man everything you said is just plain lazy god damn.

  2. i really love the cool features of Blackberry. my hubby and i both have Blakberries and we use it all the time to communicate.