2008 Predictions

nostradamus_by_cesar.jpgMore to record my own thoughts…. Let’s do the obvious ones first:

  • Facebook will decline as people either go to the next hottest thing or advertisers realize their ROI on the FB ad platform isn’t the greatest
  • Google will acquire at least two mobile companies to aid Android
  • iPhone will continue to gain mobile browser market share stagnating the mobile web even more

Now some not so obvious ones:

  • Slide or RockYou will be acquired. If 07 was the year of widget, 08 will be the year they cash in.
  • Google or Microsoft will launch an Amazon AWS competitor
  • Yahoo will close at least 4 more properties in an attempt to slim down. (one down)
  • A web 2.0 company outside the US will eek out a new niche (see last.fm)

One response to “2008 Predictions”

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