Annoying: MacBook Command-Tab Freezing

I switched the a MacBook Pro a recently and overall the machine is 10x better than any Windows laptop I’ve ever owned. (Sleep/hibernating a Windows machine is like playing russian roulette except all the chambers are full.)

However, the single most annoying bug in OS X is that every week when I’m working and I hit command-tab, the GUI freezes. The mouse still works, iTunes still plays, Apache is still running, sshing into the box and killing processes off one by one does not recover OS X.

Normally, it costs me about 20 mins of productivity except today I had an unsaved scratch pad open in TextMate. Now it’s lost, forever. I did some research and it seems like the problem dates back at least a year and it’s hard to believe that Apple doesn’t know about. From what I can gather nobody knows for sure what the cause of it is, except that it’s triggered by command-tab switching applications.

Theories like replace the switcher with LiteSwitch X, not using an external display, and don’t use 3rd party apps all seem to have some holes in them according to the threads I’m following.

I’m going to run the trial version of LiteSwitchX and see if it keeps happening although I think it’s a ludicrous idea.

Engadget reporting that Apple at least acknowledges the issue for iMacs. Hopefully the fix will apply to MacBook Pros. Everything seems to be pointing to the ATI video drivers. (crosses fingers)


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  2. Tom says:


    any hints for solving this issue?
    Found some more users who are suffering from this effect:

    … including me :-/

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Tom says:

    … and updating to Leopard because of this is not an option!!!!! We’re developing with WebObjects and I can’t update now / the next weeks or months…


  4. mike says:

    can u post in your website, how can i know the printer sharing, in macbook thank you so mush,