iPhone Unlocking Rundown

I’ve been following the saga of iPhoneSimFree.com which claims to have a 100% software solution for unlocking the iPhone. So far they’re only selling licenses in bulk for $36 for 50. (That is make the iPhone accept other sim cards besides AT&T. I also find their name ironic in that it contains the word free when they’re selling the software.)

So far they’ve released videos on all major gadget blogs here and here. Except that no normal consumer has the software in hand… save one guy from UK it looks like.

With all the doubts, PR, the shady bank-wire-only-purchases by iPhoneSimFree, and Paypal pre-order only distributors I’m simply going to wait. Wait until the iPhoneDevTeam puts out their free solution. The Apple fanatics are a rabid and hack-tastic bunch, so I have no doubt that a free solutions will be released shortly.

I have a 4gb unopened iPhone sitting here on my desk which I bought for $299 when Apple.com was clearing them out. I want to use it unlocked with my T-mobile sim card so I can switch off carrying my Pearl when I don’t need all that bulk.

We’ve (AdMobsters) opened the iPhone and started hacking on it. We’re trying out this method here released by the iPhoneDevTeam. I’ve was trolling #iPhone and got everything prepared but we had to fake activate the iPhone first. Definitely learned a lot in the last couple hours and am in the middle of installing SSH required to get things going.

We activated and jailbroke using INdependence which you MUST use over iActivator if you’ve upgraded to iTunes 7.4 (which we learned the hard way =| ). Now we’re installing some stuff and will try to hack which involves some command line magic. I’m sure that tomorrow morning the iPhone Dev Team will release a nice .app and a nice GUI to automate the entire thing. We’re just impatient like that 😀

Update 2
We’ve successfully unlocked using the manual method here. There is also a GUI unlocker here.

Update 3

Here is the latest and greatest GUI iPhone Unlocker from the original iPhoneDevTeam. It unlocks your phone in 3-5 mins (the previous ones flashed in 20 mins). Tested and should work for most iPhones.